Quiz on DNA: replication, transcription and translation

Que 1. The process of producing identical replicas of DNA from original DNA molecule is known

a. Transcription b. Translation

c. DNA Replication d. All of the above

Que 2. According to central dogma-

a. DNA-Protein-RNA b. RNA-Protein- DNA

c. DNA-RNA-Protein d. RNA-DNA-Protein

Que 3. Unwinding of DNA strand is regulate by-

a. DNA polymerase b. Helicase

c. RNA primer d. DNA Gyrase

Que 4. The mRNA contains information for the

a. Protein synthesis b. DNA replication

c. Lipid synthesis d. Carbohydrate synthesis

Que 5. What is the missing part here

a. Introns b. Starting codon

c. Exons d. Complementary strand

Que 6. ________ are the sequence which does not code for any protein

a. Exons b. Introns

c. mRNA d. DNA

Que 7. The mRNA synthesised in the transcription in the transcription process is transported outside the nucleus into

a. Mitochondria b. Cytoplasm

c. Vacoule d. Lysosomes

Que 8. No of bases a single codon contain-

a. 1 b. 2

c. 3 d. 4

Que 9. Transfer RNA is _________ structure which is represented in two dimensions as cloverleaf shape

a. Primary b. Secondary

c. Tertiary d. Quaternary

Que 10. Attachment of amino acid is at_______ of t-RNA

a. D-arm b. Variable loop

c. T-arm d. 3′-OH group


1.(C), 2. (C), 3. (B), 4. (A), 5. (C), 6. (B), 7. (B), 8. (C), 9. (C), 10. (D)


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