Que 1. This method is introduced by-

          a. Louis Pasture                 b. Robert Koch

         c. Kary Mullis                      d. Alexander Flaming

Que. 2. The reaction mixture is heated to the temperature about 90-980 C that ensures the separation of the DNA strands known as-

           a. Anneling                         b. DNA denaturation

           c. DNA replication            d. DNA synthesis

Que  3. Primer attached at the-

           a. 5′ end                               b. 3′ end

Que 4. Type of PCR-

           a. Nested PCR                   b. RT-PCR

           c. RACE                              d. RAPD

           e. All of the above

Que 5. Applications of PCR-

           a. Forensic Science          b. Research

           c. Medicine                        d. All of the above


1. (C), 2. (B), 3. (B), 4. (E), 5. (D)

For detail study click on the link Polymerase Chain Reaction

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