Fluorescence microscopy is an essential tool in molecular and cellular biology. It is a technique that allows one to study and visualize the cellular structures and dynamics of tissues and organelles, and macromolecular assemblies inside the cell. It was devised in the early twentieth century by various scientists like Köhler, Lehmann, Reichert and others. TheContinue reading “FLUORESCENCE MICROSCOPY”

The Simple Microscope

BY- K. Sai Manogna (MSIWM014) Principle :  A single lens, historically called a loupe, consists of a simple microscope. A reading or magnifying glass is the most familiar example nowadays. Higher-magnification lenses are often made of two glass elements that create a color-corrected image. They can be worn in a cylindrical shape around the neck,Continue reading “The Simple Microscope”


BY- K. Sai Manogna (MSIWM014)   The microscope is an instrument that creates enlarged photographs of small objects, enabling the viewer to display minute structures in a too near manner at a scale that is convenient for observation and study. Although optical microscopes are the focus of this article, many other types of wave, likeContinue reading “Microscope”